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Corporate History

1863 Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH is established in Germany
1953 The first EIRICH Mixer is imported to Japan
April 1974 Nippon Eirich Co., Ltd. is established (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Domestic 1,500L/2,250L mixers are launched
1980 Makes the first sale of the domestic sand preparation plant, including EIRICH Mixers
January 1983 Osaka office is established
March 1984 Narita office is established
March 1986 Nagoya office is established
December 1987 Draiswerke GmbH (Current Buhler AG) products are introduced
November 1989 Narita plant begins production
1992 THe world's first sand preparation plant, EVACTHERM®, enabled simultaneous vacuum-cooling  and kneading, is sold
October 1992 Takes a stake in Kyoei Kogyo Co., Ltd.
June 1994 Laempe & Moessner GmbH products are introduced
May 1995 Technical center is established
July 1996 New building is constructed at the Narita office
May, 1999 Acquires commercial rights of TowerMill from KUBOTA corporation
May 2003 Tokyo head office is merged and relocated to Narita
August 2003 Kyoei Kogyo new plant is established and relocated to Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
September 2007 Five EIRICH TowerMills ETM1500 are exported to an iron are mine
September 2007 Osaka office is relocated
July 2009 Osaka office is merged with Nagoya office
March 2012 Nagoya office is relocated
January 2013 Kyoei Kogyo is merged with Nippon Eirich and begins production as Kyushu Works
Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH  celebrates its 150th anniversary
March 2014 Acquires ISO 9001 for the production of EIRICH mixers
April 2014 Celebrates its 40th anniversary
March 2015 Acquires ISO 9001 for the production of EIRICH TowerMill
October 2015 Finish relation with Laempe & Moessner GmbH, due to change of stock holder
January 2016 Head Quarters is relocated to Nagoya
May 2016 Lüber GmbH products are introduced
August 2016 Australia Branch(Eirich Australia) is established