Market & application

Suited for such customers who are:

  • Considering measures to prevent sudden breakdowns
  • Considering streamlining maintenance activities
  • Interested in reducing the time and cost of engineer dispatch
  • Concerned about maintenance management and parameter management because many years have passed since the facilities were installed

Applications for:

  • Predictive maintenance of Eirich mixer and various ancillary equipment
  • Identifying and solving the cause of trouble at an early stage if occurs
  • Software modification and touch panel modification
  • Data analysis and improvement to optimal parameters

Early and emergency

  • Early identification, solution, and support for troubleshooting
  • When trouble occurs, we connect to the PLC remotely and check it to identify the cause of the machine stoppage or other trouble as early as possible.


  • Various services using the latest communication technology
  • Check the total operating time, rotor motor current, cycle time, and vibration data of equipment and notify the timing of inspection*2
  • *2

    In some cases, each measurement unit is required for data collection.


  • Software change, touch panel screen change
  • Analysis of collected data and recommendation of optimal parameters
  • Calibration of various sensors