Tried-and-tested mixing technology for reproducible, excellent results

In a MixSolver® the components of the electrode mixes pass through a number of different process steps: dry mixing, kneading, suspension, and addition of binders. When combined with EvacMix® technology, the superimposed process of degassing the cathode and anode mixtures is also added. With the unique Eirich process technology, you can optimize control over the carbon network structure with short processing times and achieve excellent overall dry and wet dispersion.

You will benefit from: Perfect electrode mixes, exceptionally high battery capacities

Profit from Eirich mixing technology, which has already revolutionized processing systems in the area of lead acid batteries. We would be delighted to help you adapt your electrode slurries to the new process technology.

Layout of a MixSolver® with an EvacMix® pressure vessel for degassed electrode slurries

  1. Rotating mixing pan for transportation of the material
  2. Mixing tool with variable speed (1 - 30 m/s) for mixing, kneading, dispersing
  3. Stationary bottom/wall scraper for additional agitation of the material flow
  4. Double-walled mixing pan for cooling of the electrode slurry
  5. Pressure-proof casing for degassing of the electrode slurry under vacuum (EvacMix® Mixer)
  6. System for extraction of the electrode slurry
  7. High-pressure cleaning equipment

Are you already thinking about different ways to manufacture LiB electrodes? Eirich can offer you the right solution – regardless of whether the electrode mixes is processed wet or dry.

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