Easy scale-up

From laboratory scale to gigafactories

From laboratory scale to a throughput of 1,000 l / h per mixer – our MixSolver® offers maximum flexibility in the production of electrode slurry. Once you have optimized the process at laboratory scale, you can apply the recipe and the process sequence developed for your slurries to large-scale production of electrode mix. Of course, it goes without saying that you can count on our support to help ensure that you get the best results as quickly as possible.

You will benefit from: Maximum flexibility, easily adaptable to your individual requirements

Combine multiple MixSolver® units in production to achieve the throughput you need – today and in the future. For direct degassing of electrode slurries we will equip your mixer with EvacMix® technology. Optionally we can also supply the Eirich MixSolver® with a double jacket for temperature-controlled processes and for Ex-proof systems.

From laboratory scale to gigafactories: EL10 Profi+ MixSolver® with double-jacket cooling and spray head for liquids plus 1.5 GWh slurry production plant with 250 l MixSolver®. For trials at pilot scale we have a 75 liter MixSolver® with EvacMix® technology available.

The race for the best production technology has begun. Choose process engineering from Eirich and get yourself to the front of the pack! This technology is suitable both for the production of electrode slurries as well as for structured dry mixes and will be able to cope with any technological leaps that may come.

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