Preparation of plastic bodies

Ceramic bodies must have defined and constant properties for plastic deformation.
Intensive preparation is essential for a homogeneous body with a high degree of plasticity.

The special Eirich working principle enables

  • dry mixing and plasticizing in a single unit
  • optimum distribution of additives in the ppm range
  • quick and homogeneous admixing in of liquid components, even in small quantities
  • fast subsequent corrections of the moisture
  • short processing times with high throughput rates

Eirich thus offers the ideal preparation solution for the production of extrudable and / or formable bodies for many areas such as:

  • ceramic tiles
  • plastic refractory bodies
  • bricks
  • stove tiles
  • utility ceramics
  • refractory bricks
  • technical ceramics such as catalysts on an Al2O3 or TiO2 basis and high-temperature materials