Preparation technology for lead acid paste
The unique EVACTHERM® process, developed by Eirich, proves all over the world its outstanding position in the very environment-friendly and economical manufacture of lead acid compounds.

The EVACTHERM® process, which is making use of vacuum cooling, offers clear operational and technological advantages.
  • No dependency on varying air temperature and humidity
  • Exact compliance with the preset temperature patterns
  • Reproducible, constant paste quality
  • No large outlet air volumes that need to be cleaned separately

Everything from a single source:

  • System engineering
  • EVACTHERM® mixing reactor or intensive mixer
  • Batching technology
  • Process control and instrumentation technology
  • No formula corruption due to raw material being removed with the cooling air
  • No local overheating in the mixing reactor 
  • Automatic penetration regulation
  • Closed, environment-friendly system

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Processing Technology for Lead Acid Paste

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EIRICH Test Center - Center for process technology

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