The economical preparation of ceramic bodies

EcoPrep® (Economical Preparation) is the energy-efficient and resource-saving process for the preparation of ceramic bodies. A major advantage of this process is its huge improvement of the energy balance-sheet compared to conventional preparation methods with a spray tower.

This allows EcoPrep® to significantly reduce production costs so that an investment in this technology reaches break-even point very quickly.

Flow properties of EcoPrep® granules

The flow properties of EcoPrep® granules are comparable with those of conventional sprayformed grain. This means that the press mold is evenly filled and the granules are well pressed.

EcoPrep®: optimum tile quality

  • EcoPrep® granules produce tiles with a high level of dimensional stability, also in special sizes and with heavily structured surfaces.
  • With the EcoPrep® process it is possible to produce high-quality tiles for special requirements, e.g. tiles with a water apsorption level of < 1 %, or tiles with complex geometries and / or heavily structured surfaces.

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Granules for tiles from the EIRICH granulating mixer

EIRICH EcoPrep Plant

the economical way to prepare ceramic masses

EcoPrep® flow properties

The economical way to prepare ceramic masses