Intensive Mixer is a high-speed agitation mixer developed by Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich (Germany) based on its unique mixing principle and know-how accumulated over many years.

The mixer is composed of a rotating mixing pan (mixing vessel), a rotor tool (mixing tool) positioned eccentrically to the center of the mixing pan, and Tool set (bottom/wall scraper) designed to prevent build-up of material on the wall and bottom of the mixing pan. The mixing pan rotates clockwise, while the mixing tool rotates counterclockwise (or clockwise) at high speed, creating a strong shear force onto the materials to be processed.
In addition, multiple processes such as mixing, granulating/pelletizing, kneading, and slurrying can be handled in a single machine by adjusting operating conditions.

A wide range of lineup is available, from 1L/batch up to 8,000L/batch for Type-R (mixing pan inclined type) and up to 12,000L for Type-D (mixing pan horizontal type). The most suitable machine type will be selected according to your requirements.
Our products are used in many industries that require raw material processing, including industrial chemicals, construction materials, ceramics, and glass etc.

Major processes

  • Optimized homogenization of the process material, and excellent, stable quality of the mixed product in the shortest mixing time, thanks to the unique Eirich mixing principle
  • High operating rate with minimal maintenance, thanks to a simple and robust structure
  • For various purposes regardless of viscosity properties of raw materials
  • A full lineup from lab machines (min. 1L/batch) to large machines (max. 12,000L/batch)
  • Able to simplify existing process
  • Continuous and batched operating modes

Three core components of Eirich Intensive Mixer are: an eccentrically positioned rotor tool (mixing tool), tool set (bottom/wall scraper), and the rotating mixing pan (mixing vessel).

Mixing pan (mixing vessel)

The rotating mixing pan moves the mix into the path of the mixing tool.

Rotor tool (mixing tool)

Rotor tool is positioned eccentrically to the center of the mixing pan, enabling efficient shear force onto the material. The speed can be set according to the purpose of processing, from high speed for high shear force to low speed for gentle agitation. The design and direction of rotation can also be selected according to the process requirements. A bottom tool attached to the bottom end of the rotor tool prevents build-up of material on the bottom of the mixing pan.

Tool set (bottom/wall scraper)

Tool set prevents build-up of material on the wall and bottom of the mixing pan. It also changes the direction of material flow and promotes the homogenization of the process material inside the mixer.

Mixers Type R

  Capacity Mode of Operation Operating Mode Country of Origin
Type liters Kg max. Batch Continuous Standard
Japan Germany
EL1/EL1-INOX 1 1.6      
EL5 Eco(R02) 3 - 5 8    
EL5 Profi 3 - 5 8      
EL5 Profi Plus 3 - 5 8      
EL10 Profi 8 - 10 12      
EL10 Profi Plus 8 - 10 12      
R02 VAC 3 - 5 8    
R02 VAC VR 1 1.6    
R05T 15 - 40 65    
RL05T 15 - 40 65    
R08 75 120    
R08W 75 120    
R08 VAC 75 120    
R09 150 240      
R09W 150 240    
R09T 150 240    
R11 VAC 250 400    
RV11 VAC 375 600    
R12 250 400    
RV12 400/500 800    
R12W 250 400      
RV12W 400/500 650    
RLV12W 400/500 650      
RLV12W VAC 400/500 650    
R15 VAC 500 800    
RV15 VAC 750 1,200    
R16 600 960  
RV16 900 1,440  
R16W 600 960    
RV16W 900 1,440    
RLV16 900 1,440      
R19 1,125 1,800  
RV19 1,500 2,400  
RV23 VAC 3,000 4,800    
R24 2,250 3,600  
RV24 3,000 4,800  
RLV24 3,000 4,800      
R28 4,000 - 5,500 6,400 - 8,800    
R32 VAC 5,250 8,400    
RV32 VAC 7,000 11,200    
R33 6,000 - 8,000 9,600 - 12,800    

Note: Mixer types beginning with RL are for slurry applications.

Mixers Type D

  Capacity Mode of Operation Operating Mode Country of Origin
Type liters Kg max. Batch Continuous Standard
Japan Germany
DE22 1,500 2,400      
DEV22 2,250 3,600    
DWL22 2,250 3,600      
D23 1,500~3,000 2,400~4,800      
DEV29 4,000 6,400      
DW29/3 3,000 4,800      
DW29/4 4,000 6,400      
DW29/5 5,000 8,000      
DWL29/5 5,000 8,000      
DWL29/6 6,000 9,600      
DW29/6 6,000 9,600      
DW31/7 7,000 11,200      
DW40 12,000 19,200      

Note: Mixer types beginning with DWL are for slurry applications.

EIRICH Smart Discharger (ESD), Suction-type Product Discharge Device

This is a suction-type product discharge device that uses a combination of a nozzle attached to the top of the mixing pan and a vacuum generator.
The pneumatic discharge mechanism allows discharge without damaging products and requires no operator intervention until product discharge is complete. The product can be discharged to any destination, such as to a product storage container or to the next process.


  • Discharge without damaging products, thanks to a pneumatic discharge mechanism
  • Complete material discharge because the rotation of the mixing pan promotes product discharge
  • Significant reduction of dust emission during discharge, because of no need to open and close the mixer until discharge is complete
  • Work in a closed environment from the start of operation to the completion of discharge, possible
  • Reduction of transportation process to the next process, labor saving, and shortening of the process, possible

Key milestones in the development of a wide variety of industries and applications are firmly linked to Eirich mixing technology. The entire process can be performed in a normal atmosphere and in a vacuum. More

Industrial Chemicals

Cogeneration batteries, secondary batteries, lithium-ion batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, friction linings

Building Materials

Siding, roofing materials, interlocking block, concrete, dry mortar, stucco

Environmental Protection

Incinerator ash, coal ash, iron and steel dust, industrial sludge, contaminated soil

Agricultural Chemistry

Fertilizers, feed, pesticides, and soil


Tiles, refractories, graphite products, electronic components, catalysts


FPD glass, sheet glass

Green Sand

Molding sand

Chemical Products

Chemical raw materials, silicone, detergents, soap


Color resists, pigments, inks, paints, coating materials


Iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, welding raw materials

Mixing by Eirich Intensive Mixer

Granulating by Eirich Intensive Mixer

Kneading by Eirich Intensive Mixer

Slurrying by Eirich Intensive Mixer

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EIRICH Intensive Mixer

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EIRICH Laboratory Mixer Type EL1