As a test bed and platform for the performance of tests, our Technical Center provides you with support right through to the successful start of production and beyond. In addition to the know-how accumulated by the Eirich Group around the world, we use the know-how that we have independently developed and acquired to propose more ideal raw material processing for our customers.

  • Consulting in process technology
  • Development of economical and ecologically responsible solutions
  • Performance of tests with raw materials provided by the customer
  • Development of preparation processes for new products
  • Development and testing of new types of machine and measuring technologies
  • Sample production, contract processing
  • Layout of machinery and systems for a quick return on investment
  • Analysis and optimization of production processes in operation or existing machines or systems
  • Supply of machinery on a rental basis or as a  subscription
  1. Application

  2. Test reservation

    Our sales representative will contact you about the test reservation.

  3. Test planning

    We will discuss the test contents with you.

  4. Confirmation of the test contents

    Before the test, we will confirm whether there are any changes to the goals etc.

  5. Test

    Tests are conducted at our technical center or at your site.

  6. Evaluation

    We will discuss the results, summarize new issues, and discuss plans for the future with you.

Various test equipment is available at our Technical Center in Narita, Chiba, Japan. Please feel free to contact us for more information, including your test needs.