For wet and dry-processed electrodes

What sets Eirich mixing technology apart from other mixing systems is the rotating mixing pan with its eccentric mixing tool inside the pan. One of the major advantages of this setup is that the intensive mixer can be perfectly matched to your process engineering task both in terms of tool geometry and tool speed. This opens up a wide range of potential applications.

You will benefit from: Mixing technology that can keep up with any technology leap

In its MixSolver® variant, the Eirich intensive mixer is also able to process powder mixes that are difficult to mix. After the powders are mixed in the first step, solvents are added gradually until highly plastic compounds and then suspensions are produced – all in a single machine and with just one mixing tool. This applies to cathode materials just as much as to anode materials. Starting from the process of dry mixing, the MixSolver® mixes and functionalizes at the same time. The improved mixing quality improves homogeneity of the electrodes and delivers improved cell performance thanks to the optimized network structure of the conductive additives.

However, the mixing concept of the Eirich intensive mixer also makes it perfect for the processing of active materials and for the production of structured dry electrode mixes, where the powdery binders are not dissolved in binding agent, but instead are fibrillated.

Even if you do not yet know today how you will be manufacturing your battery electrodes tomorrow – an Eirich intensive mixer is always the right solution for the production of your electrode mixes.

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