Efficient and impressively eco-friendly

Sustainability is one of the major challenges of our times – in battery production as much as anywhere else. Eirich process technology saves energy and resources. You will also benefit from reduced space requirements and shorter processing times.

You will benefit from: Very low energy consumption, fast start-up – with shorter batch processing times and a tiny footprint

MixSolver® uses far less energy in the production of electrode slurry than a planetary mixer. A planetary mixer consumes around 8,000 kWh of electric energy per day to achieve a daily throughput rate of 20 m3 of slurry, while an Eirich mixer requires just 400 kWh to do the same – a vast cost saving. And this does not even take into account the energy required for cooling, which can be around the same amount again for a planetary mixer but is not required at all for an Eirich mixer.
Instead of running 5-9 high-volume planetary mixers in parallel, each of which requires 4-8 hours for a single batch, you can produce the same amount of slurry in one or at most two MixSolvers® in just 30 minutes.
In addition, you will also benefit from a huge reduction in floor space requirements, with the Eirich Mixer only needing a third of the space required for planetary mixers.

The clever design of our MixSolvers® with a high-pressure cleaning system ensures that waste is minimized during the production of electrode slurry. We use the solvent from the actual process itself as the cleaning agent. Adhesions are rinsed off, and everything remains in the process. This not only saves resources, but also allows you to run the line around the clock.

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