Trailblazing process technology for production of your electrode mixes

For you as a manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, cost savings, quality improvements, and sustainability are currently key topics. Gigafactories for battery production place new demands on the processes – in particular when it comes to manufacturing the electrodes. Process technology from Eirich will take you further and will open up a whole new world of opportunities.

The quality of the electrodes influences the performance capacity of your storage cells. This is where your challenge lies, because the production of a first-class electrode mix – slurry, plastic body, or also a structured dry mix – is an exacting task. So why not trust a technology partner with exceptional material and process expertise and decades of experience in the production of lead acid pastes? Since the end of the 1980s, the EVACTHERM® method has been used in this field – and it remains the leading technology for this application to this day.
We have also gathered valuable experience with mixing technology in the production of LiB electrode mix since 2009 both at laboratory and production scale.

Benefit from the ContiFeeder®process with MixSolver®and EvacMix®technology and other innovative Eirich solutions such as QualiMaster®LiB or the Eirich intensive mixer for the production of electrode plastic bodys and structured dry electrode mix.

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