Reliable Process Design

There is no known type of concrete in the market which cannot be processed with Eirich mixers. Different types of concrete can be produced on the same mixer. So you can expand your portfolio and continue to grow your business systematically.

The special Eirich mixing principle ensures outstanding concrete processing results.

In contrast to other systems, the transportation of the mix is separate from the actual mixing process. This division of work is achieved by a rotating mixing pan, which does the job of transporting the mix, and a mixing tool for mixing the material.

As a result, production conditions are predictable.
You get reproducible results from one type of concrete to the next along with high operational reliability:

  • This allows very high quality mixes to be produced
  • Lightweight aggregates (e.g. expanded clay, pumice, expanded glass, etc.) are mixed in gently and homogeneously
  • Fiber separation (e.g. mineral fibers, glass fibers, plastic fibers and steel fibers) is excellent
  • Pigments are completely broken down
  • Fine materials dispersion is excellent
  • Water is distributed quickly and very effectively
  • A stable moisture signal is quickly reached
  • Mixing times can often be substantially reduced
  • Controlling concrete temperature - The temperature of the concrete can also be easily controlled in an Eirich mixer if the required optional features are used

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Preparation System for Special Concretes