Early solution to problems with remote maintenance

Eirich Connecting Service (ECS) is a remote maintenance system that combines Eirich long-established maintenance technology with the latest Internet and wireless communication technology. Based on the concept of "Early Communication and Solution," ECS combines years of experience with the latest technology to provide direct access to PLCs from remote locations, enables early solutions to problems at customer sites and prevents those before they occur.

Early and Emergency (prevent problems/minimize problems)
Communication for (with latest communication technology)
Solution Technology (identify and solve problems remotely)


The industrial IoT gateway is used for safety certification by remote access. This device has a proven track record in combination with PLCs of Japanese makers and enables smooth introduction.

Industrial IoT Gateway*1

  • PLC monitoring from remote locations is possible
  • Software changes and touch panel screen changes can be made remotely
  • Confirmation of data for each piece of equipment can be done remotely.
  • *1

    Industrial IoT gateway
    It plays the role of bridging data between on-site equipment and the upper side such as PCs, servers, and cloud computing. In other words, it refers to equipment that connects sensors and controllers of all standards to the network and links data with the cloud and on-site servers.