Combining the best of batch processing with continuous production

When it comes to producing electrode slurry, just-in-time supply to your coaters plays a pivotal role. Our ContiFeeder® process is designed precisely with this in mind. But it also still allows you to benefit from the advantages that batch processing can offer in terms of quality assurance.

You will benefit from: Simplified process, consistently high quality

After the electrode slurry has been produced in a MixSolver®, our ContiFeeder® process is used to provide a continuous supply of a qualified electrode mixes. Depending on production capacity, one or multiple electrode slurry tanks are available for temporary storage of the slurry. In the continuous extrusion of slurries, which are often also referred to as electrode pastes or battery compounds, these electrode slurry tanks supply material to your coaters.

With the Eirich solution, you can also take advantage of the benefits of batched processing: optimized traceability and the ability to reject individual batches if the worst happens. At all times, you can be confident that your mix will attain the desired state of dispersion and a homogeneous distribution of binder without demixing.

Our inline quality control system QualiMaster®LiB monitors relevant process parameters such as viscosity, density, and particle size. With a control solution from Eirich, you are also perfectly poised to take the step to fully automated processes – i.e. Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things (IoT).

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