In a system for preparing molding material, moisture and temperature measurement is the foundation of reliable quality assurance

Our QualiMaster AC1 moisture correction system comprises:

  • A moisture/temperature probe in the mixer
  • A metering unit (flowmeter or spirit level)
  • The moisture correction software solution with integrated computer for entering parameters and observing the process

We record the moisture of the homogenized molding material mixture directly in the mixer. This value flows into the calculation of the water requirement.
The temperature of the material is also measured in the mixer, allowing the expected evaporation to be considered as a correction factor.

Not recording either the moisture or the temperature yet?
The Eirich moisture/temperature probe is easy to retrofit in the Eirich intensive mixer.

We can also add moisture and temperature measurement to mixers of other manufacturers as well. We analyze the data using the Eirich logic.

Our QualiMaster AC1 moisture correction system is outstandingly suitable not only for new buildings, but also for retrofitting in existing installations.

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