The new Eirich QualiMaster MT1 is designed for the fully automated sampling and analysis of granulated sinter material.

Continuous optimization and constant monitoring of the sintering process are the key to boosting productivity in the competitive environment of today’s iron production market.

The Eirich QualiMaster MT1 comprehensively automates and digitalizes the sampling and analysis process.

Thanks to the data obtained, the expert systems can exhaust the full productivity and efficiency potential.

With the Eirich QualiMaster MT1, the parameters permeability, material moisture and bulk density of the sinter raw mix, which are key factors for controlling the sintering process, can be determined in excellent quality and at high frequency.


  • Increased plant productivity
  • High and stable sinter quality
  • Considerable energy savings thanks to optimized process control
  • Standardized representative sampling
  • Fully automated sample preparation and analysis
  • Sample material can be removed for further laboratory testing
  • Rapid response to changing process parameters
  • Greater flexibility in choosing raw materials