Eirich SMART is “small size sand plant”, which Eirich has developed by combination of years of mixing technology Eirich has built and advanced technologies.

SMART Stands for
Multi-functional sand plant with

We will offer SMART to customers who are considering:

  • Automation of existing green sand preparation plant
  • Introduction of latest sand preparation plant
  • Introduction of small-sized flaskless molding machine
  • Start-up of overseas foundry plant

Major processes


Simple layout with minimum “sand transportation”

  • Reduced number of necessary equipment
  • Smart size good for small foundry plants (10mL x 5mD x 11mH)

“Mixing Module”, “Storage Module”, and “Preconditioning Module”
Full assembly at a workshop and delivery to installation sites

  • Separate introduction of each module also available as well as installing a whole set
  • Smart installation and shortened construction period

Eirich SMART is consisted of 4 different technologies:

Smart/Simple Technology

Improved reliability and easy maintenance by simplified and smart facilities and configurations

Multi-Functional Technology

Reduction of necessary number of equipment by consolidation of multi-functions into one facility

Advanced Technology

Adoption of new technology developed for SMART

Reliable Technology

Adoption of reliable technology Eirich has developed over 160 years.

Green Sand