From small-volume sample production to mass production of product

To respond quickly to market demands in material processing and to meet customers' needs for cost reduction in terms of resources such as equipment installation and manpower, we have started contract processing of raw materials, taking advantage of our accumulated know-how.
We offer a wide range of services from small-volume sample production to mass production of products to meet customers' requirements.

Service flow

  1. Application

  2. Contact from our company

    Our sales representative will contact you to discuss processing details and schedule.

  3. Quotation

    Our sales staff will prepare a quotation and contact you.

  4. Pre-test and sample production

    We will conduct a preliminary test or a sample production to determine processing conditions.

  5. Evaluation by customer

    Evaluation by the customer is done to confirm that the sample meets the requirements.

  6. Contract processing

  7. Product shipment and report

    We deliver the product to the customer and send a report later.