1. Worry-free maker warranty

    We deliver the mixer after pre-shipment inspection and test operation at our factory.

  2. Maintenance by in-house certified worker

    Replacement parts and overhauls are determined based on the inspection checklist.
    In-house certified workers rebuild the mixer.

  3. Use of Eirich original parts

    All replacement parts are Eirich original parts.
    Early start-up of the machine after delivery is possible without trouble.

  4. Proposal of mixer specifications suitable for your application

    We not only sell mixers, but also propose mixer specifications suitable for your application.
    If necessary, we will conduct tests at our technical center and propose the optimal raw material processing.

  5. Complete mixer instruction manual

    Our original instruction manual and inspection checklist for overhaul is included.
    Please use the manual for inspection and maintenance after installation.

  6. Full customer support by our service staff

    We offer customer support based on our many years of experience and knowledge to ensure long-term use of the mixer after delivery.