AT-S is automatic compactability (CB) measuring equipment developed with the concept of "Simple & Smart", and combinations of experiences Eirich has built and advanced technologies.

AT-S provides a simple and user-friendly operation with a high reliability by specializing only in CB measurement. It is adopted with various Advanced Technologies for Solutions.

  • Servomotors are equipped for CB measuring cylinder and sampling cylinder to achieve stable performance and higher accuracy in CB measurement.
  • A sand filling sensor is installed on sampling cylinder to prevent CB measurement error caused by insufficient sand volume.
  • 2D structure with mechanism elements are assembled only on one side of machined main panel. All drives, valves, wiring, and piping are accessible from one side.
  • The number of parts is reduced significantly in comparison to conventional model by improving equipment configuration.
  • Equipment size is also downsized by 70% of that of conventional model.

Based on the CB measured by AT-S, feedback control calculates the amount of moisture required for kneading and adjusts it to the target CB.
Especially in the case of direct sampling, the stability of molding sand CB is dramatically improved because the CB is measured immediately after kneading and fed back to the next batch.

Green Sand

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EIRICH Digital CB Tester AT-S