JOEST dryer (DWFK/H) dries processed products by passing temperature-controlled warm or hot air through a fluidizing plate.
The fluidizing plate can be selected specifically for the particles to be processed, resulting in the fluidization of the product and efficient circulation of the individual product particles.
The air distribution chamber(s) below the fluidizing plate, uniquely designed by JOEST, ensures uniform air distribution and airflow for the product layer on the plate, even when the thickness of the layer on the plate changes.
This uniformity of air distribution and airflow leads to uniform drying results.
In addition, the vibration system can be customized to provide flexibility according to the operation method and characteristics of the product being processed.

Major processes

  • Efficient convection heat transfer
  • Energy and resource saving
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Use of existing waste heat sources
  • Models customizable to suite the application

Food Products

Agricultural Chemistry

Green Sand

Pharmaceuticals/Health Foods


Chemical Products