JOEST vibrating conveyors (FSLS/B, FSR/S, FSM/G) are used to convey products and raw materials over long distances.
The vibration system, with damper devices placed at regular intervals, consumes less power and saves energy.
In addition, vibration is reduced by vibration absorbing materials, resulting in low vibration and long-distance conveyance. (The longest recommended distance is about 70m.)
Despite the quietness and low vibration, even heavy castings can be easily transported and rotated, contributing to lower labor costs.

  • Energy and resource saving
  • Low dynamic power to foundation
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • All-steel design with no concrete parts
  • Easy machine disassembly and assembly
  • Modular design with reliable standard assemblies
  • Curved design possible

Industrial Chemicals

Building Materials

Environmental Protection

Food Products

Agricultural Chemistry



Green Sand

Pharmaceuticals/Health Foods


Chemical Products