Quick and easy start of research and development with our service

To meet our customers' needs for faster R&D and sample preparation, we have started a subscription service that allows customers to use EIRICH Intensive Mixer at a fixed monthly rate.
You can choose the subscription period according to your needs, so if the duration of your project is not fixed, you can easily introduce the machine. We also provide regular maintenance and consultation support for raw material processing, so you can use the mixer without worry.

Service flow

  1. Application

  2. Contact from our company

    Our sales representative will contact you.

  3. Quotation

    We will prepare a quotation and contact you with a delivery date.

  4. Contract

    We will send you a contract.

  5. Delivery

    We will explain how to use the machine upon delivery.

  6. Return

    Please pay the freight charge when returning the mixer.