1. Latest machine at a fixed monthly rate

    • Monthly payment*1
    • Included movable comprehensive insurance and delivery cost to your designated place in Japan*2
  2. Immediate use of mixer

    • Short delivery time after signing a contract
    • Explanations of how to use the mixer at the time of delivery
  3. Flexibility in R&D

    • Selection of contract period from 1, 3, and 5 years
    • Cancellation, model change, and purchase during the contract period, possible*3
  4. Reliable support by our staff

    • Periodic maintenance*4
    • Process consultation available at any time


  1. *1 

    We accept bank transfers only.

  2. *2

    Insurance will be our designated movable comprehensive insurance. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs after the contract is terminated.

  3. *3

    A predetermined cancellation fee/charge is required depending on the timing.

  4. *4

    Periodic maintenance will be performed free of charge to the items and at the timing written on the contract. Please note that if the cause of equipment trouble is attributable to the customer, the customer may be asked to bear the repair cost based on the contract. Please contact us if you would like to see the terms of contract in advance.

Service comparison table

Test Contract Processing Rental Subscription
Used at Nippon Eirich Nippon Eirich Customer Site Customer Site
Throughput Small to Large Large Small Small
Machine Type EL1, EL1-INOX EL1, EL1-INOX EL1, EL1-INOX EL1, EL1-INOX
R02, R02VAC R02, R02VAC R02, R02VAC R02
C5, R05T C5, R05T C5, R05T C5
C40, R08VAC C40, R08VAC
Test Conditions Arbitrarily Fixed Arbitrarily Arbitrarily
Contract Period Days Days or Months Weekly Yearly
Midterm Cancellation × × ×

Example: monthly (30 days) fee for EL1

  • Test450,000JPY/month
  • Contract processing450,000JPY/month
  • Rental300,000JPY/month
  • Subscription150,000JPY/month (for 1-year contract)